Create Designs Never Seen Before

What Is GenetiCool?

GenetiCool is a service for professional and amateur designers as well as anyone curious to experiment with computer genetic algorithms and human-machine interaction to create new and original content of graphical nature or any other kind of content you can immagine.

You can use our online generators in two ways:

  • the traditional way: you manually configure all the properties of a generator and with the classical trial and error approach you manually modify them until you get something that satisfy you.
  • the evolutionary way: you let the genetic algorithms from GenetiCool evolvers inspire and surprise you with combinations of properties for the generators that initially are totally random, but which step by step get more and more refined and adapted to your tastes thanks to the selections you operate at each step of the evolution.

Never Seen Before!

You surely already know: a true, professional designer has creativity at the fingertips. The abundance of always fresh, genuine and original ideas, is the obvious signature of her/his expertize and professionality. No matter what project, how much time or how hard the challenge, a true professionist has always plenty of solutions in his bag to churn out, and they are always truly new, wonderful and never...

Ok, ok... would you please get back on earth and join us?

The matter of fact is that some combinations of elements, mix of ingredients, sequence of effects, compositions of shapes and colors will simply never ever happen to come to our mind on their own. No matter how creative or experienced we are. On the other side going all the way random is maybe impossible, surely very frustrating. Well, this is where evolution shines, it starts random, but quickly converge to our tastes yet often in unpredictable and surprisingly wonderful ways. Just try GenetiCool, chances are you're going to be very pleasantly surprised and you will truly see things never seen before.

You Can help

We work hard to make GenetiCool full of useful and well-working pre-defined generators and evolvers but you can help us to speed up the process. Have an idea for a new generator? Just tell us! Found a bug, a problem, a restriction in one of our evolvers that is limiting your results? Just describe it to us using our contact form. We will make all of our best to solve the problems as soon as possibile and to expand GenetiCool as much as we can.

Another very effective way to help GenetiCool improve, get new generators and evolvers and evolve itself more and more is to spread it's use as much as you can. If you like what we are doing here, share your works made with GenetiCool on your social networks, or on your blogs, websites and wherever you can. And by the way... start following GenetiCool right now on: