The Best Graphic Design Software for 2019

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According to Google Trends, for everyone who is eager to learn a new language, there are at least two others who are eager to learn to use a design software. This is because we all know that when the time to communicate something comes, a picture is always worth 1000 words.

The problem with images, however, is that it is necessary to be able to produce them to push them on social networks and blogs. We can resolve to finally learn once and for all one of those well known and widespread graphic design software, despite how intimidating and mammoth they are, or we can fall back to one of those much simpler tools like Canva, Easil, Stencil and the like that these days are available online. And yet very soon we realize that almost 75% of the time we spend creating our content has nothing to do with the complexity of the software we use, but with another aspect that we initially would not even have imagined could concern us. This aspect is called: experimenting!

How many times have you been wondering if she should just smile or full laugh in the background of the words crying out that incredible discount deal you are offering? And the main color of the picture should be yellow, orange or more toward fuchsia?

Soon you realize one of two things: if you design on your own, experimenting every idea you could have will drive you insane and you will miss every single one of all your deadlines. If you have people that design for you, asking them to try out every idea you could have will drive them insane and ultimately will bring them to quit the job one after the other. And the deadlines? Yep, they will follow the same fate, granted.

Still you understand that while every image is worth 1000 words, those with the right colors, words, shapes and overall composition are worth the exact 1000 words that your customer wants to hear to buy your products. The other images? Worth 1000 empty words.

GenetiCool has been invented out of these kind of frustrations. We wanted a tool that could assist people in creating graphic content without the need to be expert in design software, without being forced to use always the same stock images everyone uses again and again, without limiting ourselves in the number of variants we want to try out of our ideas. We thought a lot about these goals and spent the last year to develop what we truly believe is the beginning of a revolution in the world of the tools used to produce graphic content. We created GenetiCool because we strongly believe that the future of graphic design revolves around three main concepts that are going to take the world of graphic production by the storm:

  • man-machine creativity collaboration
  • content uniqueness through procedural and customization workflows
  • content selection and evolution through genetic algorithms and machine learning

We’ve based GenetiCool on these three pillars and yes, we admit, our tool is just at its beginning and a lot more we have to explain, to write about, to add, extend and open up for others to be able to create their own generators and evolvers, and to start a market of a novel and more effective way to create catchy graphic content. But the main engine is finally here, it’s ready, it’s up and it’s running and we can’t help believing GenetiCool is going to be regarded by many as The Best Graphic Design Software for 2019. We surely will continue to work very very hard to make our baby exactly that.